King Solomon Headline

We are privileged to see remarkable stories unfolding every day at King Solomon School. In the four years since we
opened, we have grown from a new school of 3 classes to an all-through school, firmly established at the centre of the community. Whether you are a prospective parent, pupil or member of staff, I invite you to join us on an exciting journey to explore a unique educational setting where children develop a love of learning for life. At King Solomon School, we believe in nurturing the potential of each child while focusing on their personal talents and strengths. Through our engaging curriculum, we ensure that children can foster a passion for learning and curiosity that will help to develop high aspirations and a lifetime of meaningful memories. We aim to empower our children and encourage them to independently embrace new experiences and learn from mistakes to achieve greater outcomes. The school creates opportunities for pupils to take initiative, lead and present their point of view. To that end, we promote debate groups and hold regular assemblies which are planned and arranged by pupils.
King Solomon aims to provide pupils with a holistic educational experience. Our dedicated teaching staff aim to establish a personal relationship with each child and truly understand their strengths as well as areas of development. Building on a child’s strengths goes well beyond the scope of the national curriculum. The school offers pupils a huge range of extra curriculum activities, which provide our children with life changing opportunities. We care passionately about sport, both individual achievements and team competitions, and creativity through art, music, dance and drama. We care about enriching children’s lives through school day trips and longer journeys to the UK where pupils are able to experience different cultures and acquire international values.
We are a bilingual school where pupils are provided with the opportunity to learn creatively in both Hebrew and English. The creative curriculum involves opportunities for pupils to independently explore and research a subject matter which is of interest to them. While children are immersed in their topic of choice, meaningful learning takes place which involves developing vital skills such as reading comprehension and creative writing. The creative curriculum is also an effective tool to develop pupils’ confidence as children are proud of their achievements and excited to share their work. Indeed, King Solomon School is privileged to be the very first school in Israel which fully meets the requirements and standards of the British Department for Education as well as the Israeli Ministry for Education. The Hebrew and English programmes seamlessly complement each other to provide ou children with a holistic, life-long educational experience.
King Solomon school is proud to be a Jewish, Israeli and International School. We believe that these unique components complement each other and provides a clear set of values which are at the very foundation of our school community. Our pupils are proud of their Judaism and passionate about their Jewish Studies. Our curriculum includes sessions on Jewish history, Tanach, Tefilah and Chagim. Festivals are celebrated at King Solomon School in a fun and meaningful way, enabling each child and family to express their Judaism in an inclusive environment. As proud Israeli citizens, we encourage our pupils to make a positive contribution to society from a young age by engaging them in voluntary work for the benefit of the wider community. Pupils learn about the history of Zionism and develop a deep love and appreciation towards the people and State of Israel. As a British International School, our children learn about the democratic values of Great Britain and develop respect and appreciation towards all traditions, cultures and faiths. Our unique set of values and programmes seamlessly complement each other to provide our children with a holistic, life-long educational experience.