About the KS Preschool (Gan)

At King Solomon we celebrate the wonder of childhood and harness the magic of children’s experiences to support early learning adventures. Our Gan offers a rich variety of programmes that include art, sports, music and parent-child activities.

The educational framework in the gan aims to provide your child with a unique programme from the age of one leading up to reception. (Grade R). 

Our international programme caters for children of all cultures and our curriculum meets the core requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Education as well as the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. 

We believe that every child has the potential to succeed and we aim to provide and we aim to provide our children with the tools to do this.

Our warm and loving staff, excel in their area of expertise They are professional and motivated with a high level of training in education. 

King Solomon Gan provides a nurtured , clean and modern environment which uses engaging approaches to teaching and learning. Our educational approach includes free play as well as guided sessions.  Our programme also includes development of fine and gross motor skills, physical education, English, maths, integrated technology, art, music and lots more.

We believe that the development of positive attitudes, open communication, decision making, tolerance  and social skills are the foundation for excellence and development of a child’s unique potential. 

Our intimate learning environment which includes working in small groups, with a high proportion of qualified staff enables our pupils and teachers to achieve academic excellence. We have a variety of advanced learning aids such as iPads, and English language and communication learning materials. 

Pupils in our Gan are nurtured and supported in a warm, safe, happy and caring environment.