J-P-A-C-T Model

King Solomon’s Unique Educational Model

Education at the King Solomon School is all about the seamless integration of technology and traditional teaching methodologies. Each classroom is equipped with a screen and Apple TV.

To ensure that students are knowledgeable and open-minded about the larger world, the school provides them with a broad-based perspective of the globe’s diverse people and cultures in both the developed world and emerging societies.

We offer internationally relevant creative enrichment programmes that provide children with the opportunity to go beyond academics to expand their cultural and creative horizons. Programmes which include art, music, sport and science often spark a passion and expose hidden talents that allow the child to excel in a particular area.

We place great emphasis on growing future leaders through an environment that encourages volunteering and active involvement in charitable projects, at both communal and national levels. In this way we ignite an empathic spark in our students along with the desire to do, give and help.

At King Solomon we believe that excellence is nurtured with a balance between the ‘I’ and the ‘we’. Our focus on the ‘I’ allows us to discover the child’s personal strengths, talents and challenges so that we can tailor an appropriate, unique, engaging learning experience for each student. At the same time, while we prize independent learners, we also promote collaborative effort and a spirit of collegiality.

In recognising English as an essential element for success in a competitive global economy, pupils begin learning the language in their pre-school years.

A high staff-to-pupil ratio, professional learning specialists as well as skilled classroom assistants in the primary school play an instrumental role in ensuring that pupils actualise their full potential and derive the maximum benefits from the multiple international educational programmes on offer.

At King Solomon we believe that academic excellence takes root in healthy personal and social development that fosters the child’s potential as a communicator, reflective thinker, problem-solver, decision-maker and risk-taker. These are the tools that shape young people as compassionate, open-minded leaders with the skills to make a meaningful difference in life.

We strive to infuse our students with powerful connections to their Jewish heritage in order to solidify a lifelong identity to the Jewish nation and the Land of Israel. We also offer an after-school enrichment programme comprised of practical and textual classes, for students interested in furthering their Jewish and religious education.