Our Vision

 We aim to achieve academic excellence in an environment which nurtures creativity, promotes responsible innovation and inspires pupils to develop a strong Jewish-Zionist identity as contributors in a global society.


קינג סולומון סקול שואף להשגת מצוינות אקדמית בסביבה המטפחת חשיבה  יצירתית ומעודדת הגשמה עצמית תוך חיזוק הזהות היהודית – ציונית והכנת התלמידים למעורבות חברתית משמעותית בקהילה הבינלאומית.

Our Mission

Focus on students at the centre of its program from preschool through high school. Create a loving, warm and caring environment where students will thrive and be viewed as individuals with unique needs. Embrace a multi-faceted educational approach that includes the cognitive, emotional, physical and psychological development of the whole child. Instil pride in students of their Jewish heritage and the Land of Israel. Measure intelligence and achievement through a variety of formal and informal methodologies. Grant every student the opportunity to succeed, each in his or her unique way. Inspire in students an enthusiasm for and love of inquiry and learning. Develop analytical thinking and decision-making skills. Teach application of knowledge through experience and experimentation. Cultivate positive self- image, open mindedness, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and their community. Enhance students’ learning experience by integrating cutting-edge technology into our program.

The Uniqueness of King Solomon

King Solomon School is an Israeli-British, bilingual private school that educates students from Gan through to year 10.
Situated in Kfar Hayarok, Ramat Hasharon, our 21st century curriculum which is aligned with the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Education, focuses on growing confident and intellectually curious young minds in an environment of academic excellence.
Based on our motto of ‘Individual Approach, International Standards’, we utilise the most advanced teaching technologies from leading Israeli and international schools. Our methodologies encourage students to develop as critical, creative innovative thinkers and problem solvers so that they can take their places as future leaders in every field, in Israel and across the globe


King Solomon believes that technology is a tool to improve teaching and learning, develop critical thinking skills. Classroom equipment is not only at the highest quality level, but is also utilized to its full potential.  Our unique classrooms are equipped with screens and personal ipads for each child allowing leading education through seamless integration of technology and  education. Our school supports learning and communication through a variety of systems such as Smartschool, Google apps for Education and Apple classroom. King Solomon is partnered with Weddigit retailers in Apple Education and we benefit from advice from their experts.