Secondary School Academic Alliances

Academic alliances with leading Israeli and international academic institutions are aimed at exposing students to a variety of intellectual subjects to prepare them for life beyond the school classroom.

Tel Aviv University
Fortnightly enrichment programmes at the University will expose the students to high calibre lecturers in the fields of science, technology and philosophy. They will gain overviews of experimental physics, comets, asteroids, visual illusions and encryption secrets. They will also gain insight into the world of numbers, sleep and dreaming, kitchen chemistry, biomedical engineering and applied economics.

Immanuel College
The Secondary School is affiliated to Immanuel College, a leading British public school that runs a parallel curriculum, at both an educational-staff-level and at student-level. During the summer school vacation, the school will host a social-educational mission involving pupils from both schools who are working to solve a common annual challenge.
Destination Imagination (DI)
DI is a leading USA-based, non-profit educational organisation that develops project-based learning programs that blend science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with the arts and social entrepreneurship. Students work in teams to design a creative solution for a specific challenge Challenges encourage students to use the creative process to problem-solve, assess their progress and learn from their mistakes. In the process they are exposed to important life and learning skills.

‘Pisgah’ Cyber-Summit Program
A first-of-its-kind initiative in Israel for excellence in cyber and technology studies, the program focuses on providing students with a platform to create and adapt computer-based solutions to address a range of problems. Utilising Scratch, a visual programming language developed for children, students gain exposure to building and designing applications, 3D printing, robotics, coding and the Internet of Things (IOT). A primary aim of the project is to equip students with the practical skills to meet the challenges of an annual project.